well, it used to be we but now it's just me
may, 18, brazil

hiatus, sorry

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i don’t think someone will actually read this, but kay, i really need to post this stuff

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delena + sexual tension

If you’re confident, and happy, and smiling you will attract confidence, happiness, and laughter…

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Women that I wouldn’t mind to find under my xmas tree - Nina Dobrev

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You were the most compassionate person I’d ever met. You hated the idea of hurting anyone. The guilt would overwhelm you. You were in control. You were the perfect boyfriend. You valued what I wanted even if it wasn’t what you agreed with.
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so tired of tvd acting like elena never had a real relationship with stefan and that she never cared about him and what was happening to him


happy mother’s day to paul’s mom because if it weren’t for her paul wouldn’t have been born amen

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